Ktunaxa Kinbasket Treaty Council

The Ktunaxa Kinbasket Treaty Council was created by the citizens of the Ktunaxa Nation to negotiate a treaty with the governments of Canada and British Columbia.

The treaty will be a negotiated government-to-government agreement that will define the rights, responsibilities and relationships between the Ktunaxa Nation and the federal and provincial governments.

The Ktunaxa Kinbasket Treaty Council is comprised of citizens of the Ktunaxa Nation in accordance with the Ktunaxa Nation Citizenship Code. The role of the Treaty Council is to provide direction to Treaty, Lands and Resources staff related to the scope and pace of the negotiations. The Treaty Council provides strategic and broad management direction to the overall treaty process.

Treaty Council staff and contractors work for the Treaty Council and the Ktunaxa Nation to support Ktunaxa treaty negotiators and processes in areas such as:

  • Lands and resources
  • Language and translation
  • Traditional-use and cultural studies
  • Governance and citizenship
  • Elders advisory committees
  • Community, family group and sector liaison
  • Archives and repatriation
  • Information and database systems
  • Communication
  • Administration and finance