Vaccine distribution for Ktunaxa Citizens

As we work towards securing vaccine for all Ktunaxa Citizens residing within ʔamakʔis Ktunaxa,
we require your help so we can request the correct number of doses.

If you are a Ktunaxa Citizen who would like the vaccine but who has been unable to receive it,
please contact the Ktunaxa Health Clinic Cell
at 250-464-9738 or email

  • This includes people living in the Ktunaxa Communities and outside of them.
  • It includes people over the age of 18.
  • It includes immediate household members (18+) of these Ktunaxa Citizens.

To limit the amount of phone calls and emails, please correspond on behalf of your household.

The information to provide is:
Your name as it appears on your Care Card;
your Care Card number;
your birth date;
and your phone number.

(Plus that same information for each member of your household who wants the vaccine.)

If you don’t have a Care Card number, call anyway.

If you have any questions about vaccination, please speak with Brittany Groff, RN, BScN, Community/Public Health Nurse, by calling at 250-420-2700 ext. 3025 or by emailing

There is no guarantee about the number of doses we may receive, nor when exactly we will receive them.

Signing up does not guarantee a vaccination, as we may not get the total amount we are asking for, but our duty is to provide an estimate of doses that is as accurate as possible.

Thank you for helping us work towards a successful whole community vaccine approach, and the overall goal of community immunity and health.