Snaⱡ ⱡatiⱡ ȼxani Ktunaxa


Perspectives Welcome.

Kiʔsuʔk kyukyit.

Did you know the Nation is working on a new project to strengthen how we tell our story to the world? With the assistance of the Ktunaxa Elders Advisory this project is called Snaⱡ ⱡatiⱡ ȼxani Ktunaxa (Sna-th tha-ti-th ts-xani K-too-nah-ha). Like the name says: we are still telling our story.

We are looking for your thoughts. As part of Snaⱡ ⱡatiⱡ ȼxani Ktunaxa, we are asking a wide variety of people, not only Ktunaxa, to tell us what they think or feel about our Nation. These perspectives will help us to continue telling our story in a way that is real, strong and lasting.

How? It’s easy. Just fill out our short questionnaire at questions at

Paper copies are available at Ktunaxa community administration buildings. You can find contact and address info for communities at this link.

Responses needed by October 31st.