National Parks ‘hangtags’ for Ktunaxanin̓tik

ʔamakʔis Ktunaxa has some awesome national parks, and all Indigenous Canadians can access them at no fee (Except for camping and other activity fees).

Now, thanks to working with Ktunaxa, Parks Canada has issued ‘hangtags’ for members of the Ktunaxa Nation.

These tags are to hang from the rear-view mirror, or bring with you to enter parks, historic sites and the pools at Radium Hot Springs.

They are available (and free) for Ktunaxanin̓tik, (Ktunaxa by ancestry or closely related to someone who is Ktunaxa by ancestry).

Ktunaxanin̓tik can pick up the tags at the Ktunaxa Nation Council Building in Cranbrook.

(220 Cranbrook Street North, call 240-489-2464)

We hope to make the tags available at each community band office very soon.


Tags are valid for entry to national parks:

–              Banff

–              Yoho

–              Kootenay

–              Mount Revelstoke

–              Glacier

–              Waterton Lakes

–              Jasper

They are also valid for entry to:

–              Banff Park Museum National Historic Site

–              Cave and Basin Nation Historic Site

–              Radium Hot Springs Aquacourt

Important Details:

  • One tag per Ktunaxa adult who signs for it.
  • The tag allows entry for all people in the car or family groups at the sites and Aquacourt.
  • Not valid for camping, services or other activity fees.
  • Void if sold or transferred to ineligible parties.

For more information, please email

Additional details to come.