Ktunaxa Strong Feb/March Newsletter

Kiʔsuʔk kyukyit!

The new edition of Ktunaxa Strong is out.

This newsletter is for Ktunaxa people.

There is lots of great information, including updates about the Native Nations Institute from Bonnie Harvey, announcements of upcoming online speaker series hosted by Anna Morigeau, a new podcast from Keith Clement, a new contest, information on how to book a one-on-one engagement session with Citizen Registrar Rachelle Sebastian and a call out for a Ktunaxa Citizens Meeting on Treaty.

Plus, an in-depth look at Nation Rebuilding through the lens of some important concepts: Recognition, Self-Determination, Self-Sufficiency and Reconciliation, penned by Garry Merkel and Rosemary Phillips.

Ktunaxa people are welcome to attend the Ktunaxa Speaker Series Tuesday, March 9, which will feature Dr. Stephen Cornell talking about Nation Rebuilding.

This is a Zoom event; to get your link, please email Governance Readiness Coordinator Darlene Trach at darlene.trach@ktunaxa.org.

Enjoy the newsletter and thank you to all contributors!

Download (PDF, 2.2MB)