Ktunaxa Basics Videos

Ktunaxa Nation: Learning Some Basics

Kiʾsuʾk wiⱡnam,

On behalf of the Ktunaxa Nation, we wish to share some videos to help us all through the social distancing. We hope these videos will help you feel less isolated, we are in this together. If you would like to suggest a new topic, please email Donald Sam.

Ktunaxa Basics 1: ʔamak̓is ktunaxa:
The Land of the Ktunaxa: How our stories define who we are, where we come from and how we understand the world around us.


Ktunaxa Basics 2: ka·kikiǂ haqwaǂa:

Deep Cultural Concepts: What are some of the things that were amazing enough to be passed down through our families? Why is culture so important, and sometimes difficult, to pass on and to share?


Ktunaxa Basics 3: ʔa·knumuȼtiǂiǂ:

How We Get Along: Traditional Ktunaxa leadership calls for collective observation, understanding and problem solving. It involves consideration for each other and learning about expectations so we can be present with respect.

Ktunaxa Basics 4: ʔa·kǂukaqwum:

From One Mind to Many: How we share ideas with others through our language. Finding a deeper understanding of why Ktunaxa Speakers don’t just put Ktunaxa words on English grammar.


Ktunaxa Basics 5: ʔiǂkiǂwiynam:

Becoming Wise: Ktunaxa Ways of Knowing. The inter-generational transmission of knowledge includes learning to find our hearts as we make decisions. We see the responsibility of learning as shared by both learner and mentor.

Ktunaxa Basics 6: Colonization:

Colonization: Our networks help us be resilient within the context of colonization. You wouldn’t judge a fish for not being able to climb a tree. Let’s not judge ourselves for ways we’re distinct from colonizers.


Ktunaxa Basics 7: CIRSS:

The ‘Canadian Indian’ Residential School System: Dr. Horsethief shares a perspective on a system that was deliberately designed to enact sustained genocide.