General Information

Ktunaxa kinbasket aboriginal training council (KKATC) Mission Statement
To support and promote empowerment of First Nations people residing within the KKATC Service area to achieve self-sufficiency and independence through counselling, training and employment.

KKATC funding is limited to persons of First Nations ancestry (status and non status) living within the KKATC service area (on or off reserve), with the exception of Metis. The Metis have a similar program.

Service Area
KKATC service area includes that area of the Ktunaxa Territory from the East side of Kootenay Lake to the Alberta border and 49th parallel; north to Golden.

Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for submissions is the second Friday of each month.

Individuals may apply for a grant for employment/educational purposes and must meet the following criteria:

Request is for tools/equipment absolutely necessary for employment purposes;
Employer confirms the need;
Cannot include a request for an income supplement;
Request does not exceed $1,000.00/year

Application deadline is the 2nd Friday of each month.

Bands/Organizations can submit proposals for labour market initiatives that will be reviewed based on the following:

Degree of Need Being Addressed;
Post Program Employment;
Credibility & Viability;
Availability of Adequate Funding;
ITP strongly recommended

Proposal deadline is the 2nd Friday of each month.

Educational Sponsorship
Individuals may submit applications for educational sponsorship; application must meet the following criteria:

Program is of a vocational nature;
Does not qualify for sponsorship from their respective Band, HRSDC, Min. of Human Resources, employment pro’ d funds, student loan or other such sources;
Have initiated their ITP and the chosen program of study is in line with that ITP.

Application deadline is the 2nd Friday of each month.

Adult Basic Education and Academic Upgrading
Individuals may submit applicants for ABE/upgrading, applications must meet the following criteria:

ABE is part of their long term career goal;
Have begun the initial stages of an ITP that confirms the need for upgrading as part of their career goal;
Have completed a career exploration on their career goal.

Application deadline is the 2nd Friday of each month.

On the Job Training
Individuals may submit proposals, the training must:

Be relevant to their long term career goal and ITP;
Provide skills and experience necessary to succeed in that specific field;
Identify a host employer willing to host the training opportunity.

Proposal deadline is the 2nd Friday of each month.

Summer Student Program
Bands/Organizations can submit proposals for the employment of students. Applications are due in May. Proposals submitted must:

Include appropriate BCR/TCR/board motion;
Outline a positive work experience;
Include budget, start/finish dates, workplan, delivery details/site, and participant selection process;

Proposal deadline is the 2nd Friday of May.

Self Created Summer Student
Students who are just entering the workforce, have not had any formal employment, or have employment barriers can apply to self-create summer employment by:

Completing KKATC Self Created Application;
Identifying a host employer;
Outlining the length of employment, budget, start and finish dates, and provide a detailed workplan;

Application deadline is the 2nd Friday of May.


The Ktunaxa Kinbasket Aboriginal Training Council (KKATC) was established in 1996 to address First Nations Labour Market issues.

Labour Market issues include those activities that will lead to the eventual participation by First Nations individuals in meaningful employment. These activities could include on the job training, formal education, skills development, or simply assistance in preparing and searching for employment.

The KKATC committee reviews all applications and proposals on the last Wednesday of each month.

The KKATC committee consists of one committee member and one alternate from each of the following Bands:

Akisqnuk First Nation
Lower Kootenay
Shuswap Band
St. Mary’s Band
Tobacco Plains Band