Indian Residential School Personal Credit Application Deadline is October 31, 2014

An important message from Sophie Pierre:

Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement Personal Credit Information.

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1. Acknowledgement forms to be received by no later than Oct.31, 2014.

If a recipient needs the form call: 1-866-343-1858

All activities including formal education or cultural must be completed by April 30, 2015 on application forms.

Make sure ALL sections of the form are completed. If any one is missed, ie. Gender, language preference, the form will be returned!

2. Credits can be used for formal education by recipient or by up to two members of the recipients family.

Formal education at a university, college, trade or training school.

Credits can only be used for tuition, books, course fees and supplies including computers. Cannot be used for living allowance, travel or food.

3. Group Education Services also qualify for credit use if program includes culture and language preservation, reclamation,or development or understanding of native identity or history.

“Name of Group Educational Service” can be a First Nation or any traditional knowledge provider that is recognized by an aboriginal group, ie. KNC Traditional Knowledge and Language (TKL)

Fund under one organization is easier, for fund Administrator and for recipients. Each community/group can then do whatever they want so long as it’s for culture and language, for any materials, tools or other supplies. There is no requirement for audit or final report. A FN can charge an admin fee for providing application and administration services.


Once the CEP recipient returns the acknowledgement form and it is accepted (all parts of form have been properly completed) a Redemption form is sent to the recipient.

1. Section A: this may come back already filled in, if not then the recipient fills it in.

2. Section B: again make sure all boxes are filled in especially the one on sharing information. AFN recommends marking Yes on the form, makes it easier for processing. CEP must sign then if participating in a Group, bring signed form to group, or FN or Nation office,ie TKL, to fill in Section C. Once credits are pooled for ease of administration the various communities, families can do different functions. It doesn’t all have to be full nation events or activities. The consolidation is simply for ease of application and administration.

3. Section C, part 1. Number of expected participants – this refers to the cultural activity or training or whatever event is planned. The number of CEP participants is needed NOT the total number of community members participating. For example: regalia making – 25 participants including children but only 5 are CEP recipient then you put in 5 as “expected participants”.

Part 2. Number of forms – the local administrator, in the band office or nation office, fills in how many forms are being sent at this time. May be 5, 10 whatever out of the total expected to be submitted.

Part 3. Create a master budget. All monies must be sent out by AANDC by Dec.31/14.

The master budget represents all the participating CEPs and AANDC will simply cross-reference each redemption form to the master budget. The same will apply once the group starts submitting invoices for payment.

Eligible expenses: pretty much anything is eligible except personal living expenses.

Expenses for a coordinator or administrator, especially if we have a large number of CEP recipients pooling their credits, are accepted for 5 – 10% of total master budget. Following are a few ideas of what has been approved:

Instructors and resources people including translators

All materials and supplies including computers, guns, traps etc……

Transportation, ie. Snowmobiles for winter cultural activities, ATVs, boats……

Camp structures including tents, cooking supplies food …..

Arts and Crafts – hides, needles, thread, feathers……..

Other info: forms can be emailed by group administrator but must get consent of CEP recipient. Consent forms are available online.