IHA Aboriginal Liaison

Info NeededThe Aboriginal Health Team provides support to Interior Health Leadership
as follows:
• Develop and implement Aboriginal Health & Wellness Plan 2010-2014;
• Coordinate a tripartite response regarding policy and plans that may affect Aboriginal people; and
• Provide an Aboriginal Lens when appropriate.
Within the team there are people who focus on providing support at the community level like the Aboriginal Liaison
Interior Health
Aboriginal Liaison
The Aboriginal Liaison’s focus is on health services. Health services provide a bridge between the Interior Health and the Aboriginal

The Interior Health Aboriginal Liaison provides direct support at the community level to Interior Health & Aboriginal representatives who provide
health related services to Aboriginal people. These complex roles include addressing cultural issues within IH services, assisting IH managers to
understand their roles to assist in:
• implementing strategies outlined
in the Aboriginal Health and
Wellness Plan;
• improving connections and linkages between IH and Aboriginal communities and organizations;
• working collaboratively with all community agencies;
• seeking ways to integrate services and resources with other provincial ministries and agencies; and
• Liaison with the Aboriginal Patient Navigator (APN) workers to provide patient support services
such as helping to understand
hospital care system, spiritual
connection, discharge planning,
community & hospital linkage,
and promote access to
community services.
Given the various focus areas for
Aboriginal communities the Aboriginal
Health Team priorities will be based on
local Aboriginal needs.