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ʔaȼ̓pu Project

A Ktunaxa Cumulative Effects Evaluation for a Portion of ʔaȼ̓pu ʔamakʔis
(North Slocan)

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Ktunaxa Traditional Territory and Area of Consultation Map
Ktunaxa Territory Map

Territory place name map (large file)
Territory Place Names and Creation Story

Qat’muk (Jumbo) Videos:
Qat’muk: Where the Grizzly Bears go to Dance
Qat’muk – Stand Our Ground

Sturgeon Nose Canoe Video:
The Rebirth of the White Pine Sturgeon Nose Canoe

Understanding Cumulative Effects in the Elk Valley
Enhancing Wildlife and Ecosystem Health with Road Rehabilitation



2015 Ktunaxa Community Report
Summary of recent research on Ktunaxa Diet Study and Ktunaxa Interest and Use Study