The Community Healing & Intervention Program (CHIP)

CHIP’s Mandate:
To prevent prenatal exposure to alcohol; and to provide holistic, culturally sensitive services to Aboriginal children (birth to 12 years,) Aboriginal youth (13 – 29 years), and Aboriginal adults (30 years and up) who are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and who reside in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia.

CHIP’s Vision:
Individuals, families and communities supporting women to have healthy, alcohol-free pregnancies; and individuals affected by FASD receiving long-term, holisitic, and culturally sensitive supports, allowing them to fully realize their unique gifts and strengths.

CHIP’s Philosophy:
CHIP is based on a three-part philosophy—health promotion, community development, and “hope and potential” (i.e. there is hope and potential for individuals, families and communities who are affected by FASD.)

Fast Facts re: CHIP:
CHIP started in 1992 and was originally designed to be a 5-year pilot project
CHIP is one of the pioneer programs in Canada working on FASD with Aboriginal communities.
CHIP receives its main funding from the Interior Health Authority, Aboriginal Health Services; CHIP seeks additional funding via proposal-writing as the opportunity arises (e.g. the Columbia Basin Trust’s Families Program, the Ministry of Children and Family Development)
CHIP is administered by the Ktunaxa Kinbasket Tribal Council, Social Sector
The CHIP staff includes 1 part-time Coordinator based in Cranbrook, 2 full-time Community Support Workers (1 in Creston and 1 in Cranbrook), and 3 part-time Early Intervention Planners (1 in Cranbrook, 1 in Fernie, and 1 in Invermere.)


CHIP’s Successes:
Steady increase in the number of formal assessments and diagnoses
FASD warning sign bylaws in communities throughout the East Kootenay region
Excellent FASD resource library accessible throughout the East Kootenay region via the College of the Rockies Library
A strong, multi-disciplinary FASD network throughout the East Kootenay region
Development of a comprehensive 21-hour FASD workshop series
Innovative community pilot projects such as the Foundational Learning for Youth (FLY) program and the Many Hands Artisans’ Cooperative


CHIP Materials Available for Purchase:
CHIP program manual, “The Story of CHIP”: $20.00/manual + postage
Various FASD posters: $2.00/poster + postage

CHIP’s Contact Information:
7468 Mission Road, Cranbrook
British Columbia, Canada
V1C 7E5

Phone: 250-489-4563 (Social Sector)
Email: chip@kktc.bc.ca

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