don’t agree with a decision or action,
think you were treated unfairly,
did not get a response that you thought you should, or
were denied a service that you think you should receive,

This section of the website can tell you what some of your options are.

Who Can Make A Complaint Using the Complaint Process?
A child or youth receiving or believes should be receiving service from KKCFS
A family member or caregiver complaining about the treatment of their family member by KKCFS
A Kinship (Foster)Care Parent complaining on behalf of their foster child (only about the child – other Kinship (Foster) Care issues are resolved using a different process)
A person acting on behalf of a child or trying to get service on behalf of a child (such as teacher, doctor, counsellor)

Who Cannot Use This Process?
Contractors, services providers, employees of other agencies, kinship care parents; etc. cannot use this process to resolve difficulties they have with KKCFS. There are other dispute resolution processes for this.

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Solve A Problem…
First, you can try to work out your concerns with the KKCFS worker who made the decision or acted in a way that you are unhappy with. You can call and request a meeting with the worker and/or the supervisor to try to resolve the problem. This is usually the quickest, easiest way to solve the problem.

What Can Complaints be made about?
Being treated with respect and dignity,
Being treated fairly/equally,
Sensitivity to your culture,
Telling you what to expect in your work with KKCFS,
Involvement in case planning and decision making about your children,
Decisions made or should have been made by KKCFS,
Access to or being provided services, &
Rights of children in care.

What if I still have concerns or choose not to talk to the Worker?
You can use the complaints process. You can ask to meet with the supervisor. If you still have concerns after meeting with the KKCFS supervisor you may be able to meet with the KKCFS director or with the Ministry of Children and Family Development depending on what your complaint is about.

Who Else Can I Talk To?
You can also call the Office of the Ombudsman at 1-800-567-3247 and the Office for Children and Youth at 1-800-476-3933 to ask any questions about the complaint process and your rights. These are both Independent of KKCFS.

Can I Have Help in Making a Complaint?
Yes! You can bring a support person to any meeting with KKCFS. You can choose a relative, friend, band councilor, advocate, or anyone else. You can ask KKCFS for names of people who can support you.

Sometimes a problem seems very difficult or feels overwhelming. If you feel this way a support person or advocate may help you. This person can help you speak up and be included in the process.

How Can I make sure that My Concerns Are Heard?
Writing down your concerns including key facts and events may assist you in this process. A support person can help you do this. It is not required to write down you concerns but it is very helpful. It will take less time and you will likely have a better outcome if you are clear about what your complaint is.

What If I Try To Make A Complaint and I Am Told My Complaint Cannot Be Dealt With?
You can contact the KKCFS supervisor or director. If not successful you can contact a KKCFS Board Member or one of your Band Councilors and ask for support in making your complaint.

Who Provides What Services?
The Ministry of Children and Family Development (Ministry) and Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Child and Family Services (KKCFS) are in the process of transferring responsibility for services to KKCFS. KKCFS has responsibility to provide:

Support Services to Families,
Voluntary and Special Needs Care Agreement,
Recruit and approve Kinship Care Homes,
Guardianship services to children in continuing care, and
Child protection services (partial).

The transition from the Ministry to KKCFS will be done over time. This means some children and families will have their file at the Ministry and some will have their file at KKCFS.

KKCFS will be involved in all service delivery when it is to a Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Nation child and/or family.

KKCFS can support a child and/or family in working through a complaint regarding the Ministry.

KKCFS can tell you where your file is.

If your complaint concerns a child who may need protection call – Helpline for Children.

Dial 310-1234 from anywhere in B.C. 24 hours a day. That way, a social worker can take action right away to make sure the child is safe. Then you can follow the regular complaint process.

If your complaint involves a decision or action of Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child and Family Service:

Calls can be made from your band office or collect.

If your complaint involves a decision or action of the Ministry of Children and Family Development:

June Forsythe – 250-489-4563

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