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Ktunaxa Nation Interim Citizenship Code
Review and Appeal Board
Expression of Interest (EOI) Call

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Ktunaxa Citizens are invited to put their names forward for consideration as a member of the Ktunaxa Nation Interim Citizenship Code Review and Appeal Board.

This five- to seven-member board will hear:

  1. Appeals of decisions made by the Enrollment Board,
  2. Appeals of decisions by a Ktunaxa Community to revoke Other Ktunaxa citizenship as per the Ktunaxa Interim Citizenship Code;
  3. Challenges regarding a proposed Ktunaxa Custom Adoption; and
  4. Other appeals, challenges or disputes, as directed by the Ktunaxa Nation Executive Council in the absence of other appropriate bodies or mechanisms.

The Board, with the assistance of the Registrar, will also establish rules of procedure for carrying out its duties, including the conduct of hearings,  consistent with the Review and Appeal Board Regulation.

Review and Appeal Board members must be of Ktunaxa ancestry. The selection process will take into consideration knowledge, experience and expertise relevant to the subject area and purpose of the Review and Appeal Board.  The selection process will make every effort to ensure that the Review and Appeal Board is inclusive of each of the following: individuals who are affiliated with each of the Ktunaxa Communities as well as individuals who are non-status, live off-reserve and youth.

Appointments to this Board are for five-year terms with no limit to the number of times a person can be re-appointed.

A stipend and if applicable local travel, will be provided to board members for their service on the board.

If you are eligible to be a Ktunaxa Citizens as per the Citizenship Code and are interested in serving on the Ktunaxa Nation Appeal Board please click here to download the application form.

You may also request a copy from the Citizenships Registrar at

If you have any question regarding this Expression of Interest (EOL) Call, please contact Rachelle Sebastian at 250-421-8537 or at the above noted email address.

Deadline for responses is July 30, 2021.

We thank all those that respond, however only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.